The new Gutenberg editor is a good change, albeit not an easy one

The new WordPress post editor, Gutenberg, is a big change in the way WordPress works. The new editor brings a lot of features that were previously available only via Page Builders. I used SiteOrigin Page Builder for a good while, because it feels more native than most page builders. I still want to have as few plugins as possible, so I’d rather not install a plugin just to have basic features like columns or content blocks.

Gutenberg is not perfect, but the new editing experience will eventually be way better than the classic editor. Gutenberg offers a bunch of great features, most of which are already in pretty good shape, and improving at a very rapid pace. I like the way Gutenberg doesn’t even try to do all tricks at once, but concentrates on the essential pieces of the new editing experience first, and slowly adds features that suit the Gutenberg concept.

Gutenberg will standardize layout building

Page builders have long been the most popular plugins for WordPress, so it makes a lot of sense to create a native page builder. Developers are far more likely to support this native technology than a third party page builder, since that would take way more maintenance. When plugin developers get up to speed, the new Blocks feature will be super handy.

Constantly improving

I’m mostly happy with Gutenberg, but there are a couple of feature I would really like to have. A proper full-width sections support (like in GeneratePress) would be nice, and the columns feature is still quite unusable. Gutenberg columns should be natively responsive.

Rapid adoption of Gutenberg will speed up its development

Users will always complain about change, even if it was for the better. I like this direction, and I’m grateful for the whole Gutenberg team for believing in this vision, even though they’ve faced a lot of opposition from the WordPress community. I encourage everyone to adopt Gutenberg as soon as possible. It’s not good for every single occasion, but for most sites it will be a giant leap forward.